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How can I turn push notifications on for my Lantern iPhone app?

Push notifications only work when using the Lantern iPhone app. To activate push notifications visit the "Notification Center" in the "Settings" app on your iPhone and find the Lantern app listed on the page. ...

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How do I download the Lantern iPhone app?

To download the Lantern iPhone app, you can either go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone and search for "Lantern" or you can click here for the US App Store or here for the Canadian App Store. Unfortunately...

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The audio is not working; how can I turn it on?

Even if the volume on your phone is turned up, when your iPhone is on silent, the Lantern audio will mute. To un-mute the Lantern audio, turn your phone on ringer by toggling the ringer/silent switch on the sid...

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